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Portable Toilets – Their Use and Their Benefits
A portable or movable toilet is basically any kind of toilet which could be moved from place to place, by one individual, by mechanical device or both. Most kinds don’t need any public utilities, like septic, sewage or water service, are fully self-contained, i.e. they have their own pump and drainage system for themselves. They can also be transported by forklift, truck or car. In a few cases, like public restrooms, they may also need to share a toilet with another, public, type.

A majority of the movable or portable toilets are commonly used in sports venues and temporary public toilets. They are widely used in public institutions, including colleges, schools, hospitals, military camps and prisons. They are commonly used in gyms, sports clubs, recreation areas and in the business establishments. Some are permanently fixed, while others are generally portable. Mostly used for temporary purposes, these are very light in weight.

Portable toilets are very convenient to use, as they could be disassembled and stored in the trunk of a truck, or in the back of any vehicle used for transporting goods, or even in airplanes. Moreover, when they are used for public functions and other temporary purposes, there are provisions to purchase portable toilets from companies, or even to rent portable toilets from them. These are also available at a reasonable price. It is better to try and rent a portable toilet rather than buying one, as the charges are generally very less and this saves money for a business or an institution. Also, these tend to be hygienic and come with anti-bacterial measures for preventing infection.

It has been observed that a large number of companies are adopting these portable toilets and other new ways of using and handling the waste, especially at industrial sites. One of the main reasons behind adopting this new way of waste handling is the cost factor involved in it. As compared to the traditional method of using open drainage to dispose of human waste, the cost of installing the waste handling systems is much less and this helps reduce the overall expenditure involved in it.

The portable toilets also make better use of the available resources and this results in environmental pollution control, especially at industrial sites. These are generally made up of plastic, which is a biodegradable material and does not emit any harmful gases during its disposal. Another important advantage of these toilets is that these do not allow aerosols, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or particulates to seep into the atmosphere through its waste stream.

There are two types of flushable portable toilets – the bowl type and the seat-type. The seat-type toilet is placed on a seat with a drainage system that lets the waste flow into a bowl at the bottom. The drainage is connected to a pipe attached to a septic tank. Toilet bowl type flushable, portable toilets are fitted with a flexible flushing mechanism that allows a constant stream of water to wash away waste and keep it clean. If you visit any major shopping mall, you will surely be able to find a wide variety of bowl type and seat-type toilets that come in a wide range of prices and quality.

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